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spleen and ideal

A large package arrived the other day from Paris - after many years of searching I'd finally found the one book ("SPLENDEURS DE L'IDEAL") that seemed to have much info on one of my favorite painters,Jean Delville, at a price I could afford (roughly a third of what I normally see it go for).

Its a catalog of an exhaustive show on Delville, Fernand Khnopff and Felecian Rops that was held about 10 years ago and seemed to be the only known book on Delville (somewhat) aside from an ancient theosophist pamphlet. Well now that its here it appears to be a much more general book on symbolist painters with many other artists included but at least it does have quite a few more pieces by Delville than I normally see published. And of course it is in French which I barely (and laboriously) read.

After years of searching I've found books on Khnopff, Rops & many of the other symbolists (Moreau, Carlos Schwabe etc) and have always wondered why there are none on Delville. In a perfect world with unlimited $$ I could go get a Ph.D.in art history & spend years carefully examining works in European museums and write some thesis on obscure symbolists...sigh... but until I win the lottery I will live vicariously thru the web & my bookshelves.

But he's well worth acquainting oneself with. I found a few links on the web-


Online Gallery

Wikipedia entry

and oddly enough he seems to have a myspace page and is friends with many peers

(shown to right: "Satan's Treasures" (1895)

L'Ange des Splendeurs (1894)


The Love of Souls (1900)

Parsifal (1890)
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