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Saturday night in San Diego!

Fate is trying to tell me to stay in California - back home they had a hugeass blizzard and already my flight is delayed & I really hope I won't have trouble getting back - NOT looking forward to digging my car out of the airport parking lot & driving it 45 or so miles back from BWI airport late tonight :( I wish I could just stay out here, the weather in San Diego is lovely, sigh!!!!

Anyway, last night was the last of the SoCal mini tour & another tight set - opening again was the Phenomenauts who are really fun, plus tonight we got Time Again who put on a very energic show. Tiger Army got another powerful response to the crowd (tho thankfully not as rough as the last Anaheim show) - set list was:

Ghost Tigers Rise
True Romance
Valley of Dreams
Through the Darkness
Fog Surrounds...
Cupid's Victim
Rose of the Devil's Garden
Twenty Flight Rock
Never Die

Encore - Annabel Lee!!!

Lots of pix up here -

and here's a few -

Setlist -

Manbat at the Merch booth!

after the show Nick 13 signed a giant Give 'em the Boot Bus stop sign that a gal is trying to get all the hellcat bands to sign:

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