Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

catching up....

never got a chance to post any pix from last weekend's jaunt to NJ!

I caught a ride up with the guys from Dead Rites who were en route from Atlanta - I'd offered them crash space but unfortunately they got a WAY late start since one of them couldn't get off work Friday & so rather than arrived Friday night they drove thru the night& got to my place Saturday morning & had to do the tour of weird stuff clogging up the apartment ;)

So got a ride up & crashed with them & had a blast at the show ebing both DR and Doomtree - and afterwards we went over to the apartment belomnging to Doomtree's drummer for a fun afterparty!

lotsa pix behind cut!


at the after party -

Radu & Steve Zing


Steve Zing

Steve Zing & Blivvy

Danno looking scary


Steve brought Radu up on stage to duet on "Who Killed Marilyn"

Tags: concert photos, concert pix, danno, dead rites, dingbatz, doomtree, falco, radu, steve zing
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