Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

this is bizarre....

did somebody buy me a gift subscription to ROLLING STONE without telling me?

A couple of weeks ago I got an issue of RS in the mail. Thought it was odd since I don't sub to it, hmm maybe they got my address somewhere & were sending me a free sample?

Got another issue today.... got a bit paranoid, wondered if they were so hard up for subscribers they were in "send now bill later" mode or if somebody filled out my addy on one of those cards as a prank.

Went to their website to make an inquiry, found if you type in your address you can get an account summary, got this:

Account Status: Active Paid
Issue Information:

The first issue of your current order is Nov 2, 2006
Your subscription will expire with the Oct 11, 2007.
Rolling Stone is published 26 times per year.

Order Information:

Your current order for 26 issues was received on Jun 23, 2006.

You have no other orders associated with this account.

Miscellaneous Information:

There are no unapplied transactions for this subscription. Please note that this list will not be updated until you log out of this customer service site and log back into it.

A change of address was processed in Aug 4, 2006.

So apparently its paid & somebody ordered it in June and send them a change of addy in August but they only started sending them in November? I'm stumped but hey if its not costing me anything....


I found out what's going on courtesy of the Despair Faction board as several other people got 'em to. Apparently if you buy enough tickets from Ticketmaster you get a free sub as Stacie actually called to ask. Glad to hear as I was braced for a bill out of left field!
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