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damn I'm such a gadget freak...

My new desk top is on order so hope the ancient Vaio can hang on for another couple of weeks. And thankfully everything is already backed up multiple times on 2 external drives in my fits of paranoia that the Sony would kick the bucket any time. (Not great when it takes 10 minutes to boot up so I just keep it running in fear that if I turn it off I can't turn it back on.)

The new one will be well worth the wait & nicely tricked out with an assload of RAM & storage space and cool lights like this..... (you can program the lights in differenbt colors. You can even program them to flash a certain color when new email arrives or automatically power down if you put in a DVD to watch. OK I admit it, I can be swayed by things that look cool as well as perform well over equal quality that isn't as aestheically flashy). My friend Beth has long championed the merits of her pet Alien to me & from everything I have heard they are very well built. I will appreciate the added processing speed & memory for all those big photo files and this shouldn't be obsolete anytime soon. (My poor Vaio is so slow I end up doing all my photo work on the laptop!)

Now if I could quit looking at cameras.

I keep running into venues that will allow you to bring in "non-pro" cameras w/o needing a photo pass and they define those as "cameras without detachable lenses". I wonder if this baby would fly - its coming out soon & is a 5.5"x5.5"x3.5" compact 10 megapixel camera with an f.2.8-3.7/35-420 mm 12x optical zoom, ISO up to 3200 & has the features that are missing on my Lumix that I whine about the lack off like a programmable shutter speed and manual controls. I've been really impressed with the sharpness of the Leica lens on the little mini Panasonic Lumix with its 10x optical zoom (especially those AFI pix I took im Albany) & wondering what I could do with this baby:


I'd like to know how it compares to the cheaper clone model Panasonic DMC-FZ50 and if Leica's imaging system is significantly better & worth the difference in price (like a Lexus vs a Toyota). Guess I'll be doing my research & trying to find places that carry them (hopefully Penn Camera will be getting it in) But they both look like nice answers for when I can't bring in my Nikon D70 and getting good shots... (and yes the D80 still talks to me... as does that VR zoom....)
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