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2 of 5 at the WIltern!

Show # 2 at the Wiltern Theater for Tiger Army & Social D - since the Explosion wet home for Thanksgiving they are having other bands fill in for the other shows - this night it was "Red Tape" a completely underwhelming punk band who got no response from the audience & threatened to play longer if they didn't get any movement - not a good sign! Thankfully they were fairly brief & Tiger Army took the stage! They shuffled their set list a bit & went into "Power of Moonlite" after the Ghost Tigers opening and also played "True Romance" for the first time I've heard it on this tour! They sounded a lot better than Wed when they were having some monitor problems and got much bigger response from the crowd which was good : )

Social D were also great - my friend Kristen had the night off from work so she was able to come - she likes to jokingly call Mike Ness her "future husband" and "baby daddy" and had never gotten to see them in concert before so needless to say she had a WONDERFUL time seeing him up close and personal from the barrier : ) Mike's kids were there - his older boy was sitting to the side of the stage with two of his little friends and at one point Mike brought them onstage to introduce them as "the new school". Matt Freeman's wife had a baby boy early that morning so he had gone home to Berkeley and I'm not sure who is filling in for him - the funny thing is the guy looks sorta like Matt so at first I was like "huh? Did Matt loose lot of weight?"

Social D have added a SIXTH show for next Wednesday but Tiger Army are not opening, I am thankful for that becauseI kinda freaked when I heard about the extra show and started fretting about how much it would cost to change my plane ticket so now that is not a worry! (would have sucked to be flying home while they were playing and miss it!)
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