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a quiet week overall, doing a lot of catching up at work & cleaning up a few piles of backlog on my desk, glad to get caught up before I take off a few days next week as I'll be flying out Monday night after work to Las Vegas to catch Danzig at the House of Blues @ the Mandalay Bay on Tuesday. Woot!! :)

Got tix also for the NJ Danzig show the day after Christmas as well as tix for Dir En Grey (coming to Rams Head Live in Baltimore in February) & to see My Chemical Romance on December 1 at the Norva in Norfolk. I am really digging their new album "The Black Parade" & think it would be cool to catch them in a not too big club since they are rapidly gaining in popularity. Kudos to anybody who has the guts to make an album so totally bombastic and over the top.

Spooky cat is feeling especially playful & totally loving the purple feather wand I got him at the cat show. He is much happier npw that the fancy feast selection is restocked :)

Show here - latest ebay find, a cool sketch of the post-modern primative demoness Igrat (from Danzig's Verotik comics) by the artist WAR which will go well with the one by him of Satanika which I got from the same seller a few months ago. (Same fellow who also nicely sold me those Bisley Satanika pages on layaway - his getting out of comic art collecting is helping me out considerably!)

Wish my new computer would get here, very much hoping it will arrive by Thanksgiving so I'll have time to play with it over the holiday.
Tags: comic art, verotik
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