Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

All murder all guts all fun

Last night at the Las Vegas House of Blues @ the Mandalay Bay -

the show was fucking amazing

the openers were mostly pretty boring - didn't think much of the first 3, Lacuna Coil were pretty decent (Christina Scabbia at least has a good voice, I usually can't stand girl singers)

Danzig were amazing - IMHO this is the best lineup since Eerie & John quit, the guys from Type O are pretty laid back & Steve Zing was GREAT on bass with tons of energy on stage, everybody seemed really relaxed and happy, I think it helps that they are all long time friends of Glennzig & know his personality quirks & can put up with him

they opened with a bunch of newer stuff,-

opening was recording of Wotan's Procession
then Skin Carver
Black Mass
I Lucifieri
Satan's Child
Her Black Wings
How the Gods Kill
Left Hand Black

off for a second, back for the Samhain section -
Initium (recorded intro)
All murder, all guts, all fun
To walk the night

then back to some more Danzig
Bringer of Death
Twist of Cain

then offstage & back for an encore -

Dirty Black Summer
Long Way Back

then they brought out DOYLE who was all dressed up with the makeup & everything & did


So I can't believe we got Danzig, Samhain & Misfits songs all in one night - fucking dream come true!!!

while we were in line Steve Zing came out with Falco & Danno from Doomtree who'd flown out for the show, they remembered me from taking pix of them last summer & they all gave me a hug, they are so sweet - Steve had to play with my thrall cross necklace & tell me he never wears his cause its too heavy

during one of the opening bands he was peering out from the side of the stage making faces at us & stuck out his tongue, he's so silly...during the Danzig set he jumped down between the stage & barricade & gave us our own little show, Steve rules!

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