Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

I love me my Egyptian kitsch

(I mean who can resist a hotel where you are greeted at the entrance by flanking statues of Anubis, God of the Underworld? Doesn't that sound like a jolly vacation spot?)

With the Luxor a block from the House of Blues (actually connected by a small mall so you go upstairs & across & never have to go outside) how could I resist staying at the ground zero of Eqyptian tack (especially for $59/night and about half of what it is at the Mandalay Bay)

Though I admit it is a rather disorienting place to wander around late at night when you are half out of your mind & tired as hell and the wacky elevators (actually called inclinators) that go up & sideways along the corners of the giant pyramid are a bit woozy making.

And walking down to the breakfast buffet I feel like I'm in the waiting line for the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland...

The Lobby -

down by the Buffet - the life sized Selket

view from my room on the 15th floor -

room furnished in early faux Tut

pools outside as seen thru my streaky window

Tags: she's loose with a camera again
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