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3 of 5!

Dreary rainy day in LA so stopped at Rite Aid and grabbed an umbrella on my way down, got in line about 3 and met up with Elise who I'd been next to on the barrier at the first two shows & we hung out & talked all afternoon - she's a long time Social D fan and had seen Tiger Army a lot about 6 years ago back when she lived in San Francisco. While waiting in line I spotted Jeff walking around & got him to sign my Resurex CD & he was pleased to do so - like James he hadn't seen a copy yet so had to examine mine. He said these are just like advance versions and in January the "real" version will come out with printing on the CD etc so I joked about having the rare signed promo copy : )

The Hangmen opened and they were really good, I liked them MUCH better than Red Tape who I didn't really care for - the Hangmen are very garage rock influenced (translation: we love our Stooges records, also stuff like the Dead Boys, Television & Richard Hell) - during their set they threw a bunch of CDs into the crowd & I was fortunate enough to catch one so looking forward to hearing it.

Tiger Army were GREAT, they seem to be building energy each night. They played True Romance again tonight (instead of Cupid's Victom) and substituted Wander Alone for Through the Darkness. Nick was wearing the black long sleeved shirt with the white cuffs and collar he'd worn in DC. They did the best version of "Never Die" I've ever seen with Jeff making a great solo and it was even faster & more intense than usual. Hard to believe it was my 30th Tiger Army show - what a long crazy fun year its been!

Social D were also great & did a longer than usual encore (3 songs instead of 2) - Mike Ness's wife was in front of me for most of the show taking photos (they don't seem to be allowing ANY pro photographers into the Wiltern at all, unfortunately no photo passes available, ah well!

After the show I went out to eat with Elise & her friend Katie and Katie's boyfriend Adam who came & picked us up, they took me to a cool little diner in Silver Lake called the Brite Spot that looked like something out of a Quentin Tarrantino movie and the food was fantastic including a butterscotch cake that was some of the best cake I've ever had. Then they were nice enough to drop me off home at Kristin's but I'll hopefully see them again Tuesday as I was telling them all about 12 Step Rebels :)

Time now to get dressed, want to head down to Melrose & check out some shops before I go get in line today.
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