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Sometimes ya just wanna pound your head against the wall

That's how I felt Friday evening. Took the day off work, drove down with Judy 4 hours to Norfolk VA in increasingly worse rain. Checked into our hotel, got ready to head down to the Norva to see My Chemical Romance & then realized I had left the tickets home & what I THOUGHT were the MCR tix I'd spent $$$ on ebay for (as I hesitated too long & it sold out while I thought about going) were an extra pair of old AFI tickets. I swear to whatever powers that be that I had checked them before I left but who knows???? I'm determined to never do this again & already have my Danzig tix for the day after Xmas packed in my laptop case since I know I won't go that far without the laptop.

Fuck fuck fuck. Concert just not meant to be (this makes the 2nd time I've missed them in a club due to a ticket mixup) Smacked palm into forehead, apologized profusely to Judy for dragging her that far & as an apology treated her to a nice dinner at the Outback Steak House across the street from the hotel & we had a wild evening cruising the 24 hour Super Walmart & buying cat toys.

And I really was looking forward to it as I've been listening to "Black Parade" whole lots lately. Oh well, at least it wasn't anything REALLY vital to me that I'd flown cross country for & they are due to tour again in the Spring and the hotel room was free as I was using points from the Choice hotels "stay two nights get one free" promotion. Could have been worse...

Ah well, Spooky still loves me even if I'm a fuck up sometimes (and he's getting a huge stocking of cat toys for Xmas)

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