Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Retail therapy

Thrilled to be adding another Martin Emond piece to my collection - a dealer I'd bought some exceptional pieces from years back (including my Glenn Fabry Hellblazer painting) wrote me asking me if I'd be interested in a fully painted Emond page from "White Trash" to which I was like HELL YEAH! and promptly sent off a deposit as he was nice enough to agree to layaway.

"White Trash" was a hysterically funny & bizarre UK comic that was collected into a graphic novel in the mid 90s written by Gordon Rennie & illustrated by Marty - it features two odd characters bearing strong resemblances to Elvis and Axel Rose loose on a road trip fulla mayhem in their pink convertible Cadillac (one of the oldies with the bigass tailfins).

This is nice as it has both of them in a few panels plus the caddie. This is the first one I've ever seen for sale since I ran into Marty at the San Diego comic con in '95 (by which point I had no cash & he couldn't take credit cards)


(Click on picture for larger version)
Tags: art, comic art, martin emond
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