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belated Greetings from Asbury Park!

Saturday Judy & I drove on up to New Jersey, more specifically Asbury Park to catych Zombie Ghost Train again. This time they were playing in a very cool old vintage bowling alley, Asbury Lanes, full of vintage style :) The bands played on a platform in the center between some of the lanes & there was a decent sized crowd that was very into the music (and a very well dressed crowd I might add) and none of the obnoxious drunken behavior even tho I noticed quite a few familiar faces from the show in Philly.

First up was the Memphis Morticians - a very fun band, kind of more garage rock than psychobilly, very Cramps-ish, definitely the first & only time I've seen somebody playing an "upright vulture"! Talked to a couple of them after the show & they were very friendly & cool got their CD "The Memphis Morticians Play Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Love Songs" and a 7" called "Greetings from the Memphis Mortuary" , check them out - www.memphismorticians.net

Then next was Sasquatch & the Sick O Billies. Mr Sasquatch had seemed a bit uptight about this show when he mentioned it in Philly, saying people had called him & told him not to play which made me wonder if they expected some sort of drama but thankfully it didn't happen & was an uneventful show.

Pix of openers here, next post will have lotsa Zombie Ghost Train!!

The Memphis Morticians -

Sasquatch and the Sick-O-Billies

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