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zombies take Asbury Park!

Later Saturday night it was time for ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN - another fine performance, they seemed pretty amused at the bowling alley concept & there was a giant screen behind them where a bunch of clips of old nudie flicks were projected which lead to some pretty funny moments when everybody would stop & stare at the screen & it looked like giant titties were flanking Azza T's head (at one point Stu said "it's Tittiehead!"...I was amused that the screen was showing up in the pix too & not washed out by the flash).... At one point Stu wandered offstage to roll a bowling ball down the adjoining lane, pretty damn funny!

Lots more pix here -

Afterwards Judy & I hung out talking to everybody quite a while - the Zombies were totally unprepared for the cold weather that had just sat on the east coast (Stu was the only one with a coat & it wasn't very heavy, Captain Reckless said they hadn't even had time to stop & go shopping and pick any up though they did experience a super Walmart in Arizona...) and Stu was coming down with a pretty bad cold tho thankfully it didn't affect his performance as he sounded fine onstage. They only had one more US show to do (in Providence RI) Sunday night & will be flying out of New York today & have a few days off in sunny Spain. They are already plotting to return to the USA in 2007 :)

Stu with Mike from the Memphis Morticians

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