Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

I know what Spooky's favorite Holiday is :)

(Obviously not Halloween since he's a) not a black cat and b) not a candy eater)
Bought the kitties big Xmas stockings fulla toys & Spooky laid claim to the one he wanted

Silly boy! I think he enjoys the plastic stocking itself as much as any of the goodies inside as he has a serious plastic licking fetish. Rissa loves the little mice & takes great pleasure in grabbing them by the tails & tossing them straight up in the air.

Paula loved the King Kong special edition boxed DVD set (complete with a statue of Kong climbing a section of the Empire State bldg) & an original vintage Creature from the Black lagoon plastic spoon (I scoured online antique shops for that!!) Judy liked the "Eureka 7" DVD box set (with black T shirt!) but I unfortunately bought her the same "Forever Knight" box set that Paula did so now she can enjoy credit at Best Buy! (whoops!) I made out like a bandit with some cool books including one by Diane Arbus' daughter Amy, also a photographer and my most-wanted DVD box aset - "Very Crudely Yours", the collected films of JOHN WATERS! (who I still haven't forgiving for not coming backt o the 9:30 club again for another Christmas show!) So now I can finally see the NC-17 version of "A Dirty Shame".

Ah well, time to brave the rain & start driving to Jersey!
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