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4 of 5!

Sunday and back to the Wiltern after some shopping on Melrose Avenue where I bought a really cool ring in a goth clothing shop - its a faceted black opaque crystal set in a setting of pewter bat wings, I had to buy it as it reminded me of the tattoo on my back : )

Amelia came & joined me in line & we talked to the other kids waiting who were cool. I don't even remember the nam eo fthe opening band, I rthink it might have been "Audio Karate" or something like that - they were really mediocre & wanted to be Story of the Year - yawn!

Tiger Army came next & were great as always, tonight they finally played "Annabelle Lee" - hooray! The last few nights Nick had been asking the audience to vote between that and Incorporeal and they always chose Incorporeal so I'm glad that he didn't even give them a choice this time and just did it as I really wanted to hear it.

Ran into Jakob Insane and Mad Dog Chad from 12 Step Rebels at the show & gave them big hugs (Nick also dedicated a song to then during TA's set and Amelia & I whooped loud for 12SR!) So great to see the boys & told them how much we are looking forward to their show at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday & thanked them for the photo use in their CD & the thanks in the credits and that it meant a lot to me - I love those guys!!

Hung out afterwards talking to James and Jon quite a bit, then Amelia & I went out to the little diner "Swingers" (where Kristen had taken me for Thanksgiving!) for a late dinner and we gabbed until we were so tired we had to crawl home.

Only one last Tiger Army show tonight, damn I am gonna miss everybody something fierce after tonight while I wait for the spring tour!
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