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Looking back on 2006......

I'm having a quiet New Year's Day sitting at home as there really isn't much going on this year, at least I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything! Anyway, compulsive list maker that I am here I am thinking back on 2006, keeping up a tradition I started last New Years on LJ:

Bands I saw in 2006:
Against Me!
Alice Cooper
Alkaline Trio
Anti Flag
Barnyard Ballers
Black Rose Phantoms
Bullet for my Valentine
Charley Horse
Dead Rites
Dear and Departed
Dillinger Escape Plan
Dropkick Murphys
Electric Six
Ends !n Tragedy
Flogging Molly
I am Ghost
Imperative Reaction
Johnny Morbid
Lacuna Coil
Left Alone
Lost City Angels
Love Equals Death
Mad Sin
Memphis Morticians
Nightmare of You
Nine Black Alps
Nine Inch Nails
Plan 9
Rat City Riot
Reverend Horton heat
Rob Zombie
Rock Kills Kid
Sasquatch & the Sick-O-Billies
Seventh Void
She Wants Revenge
Sick of It All
Six Gun Republic
Social Distortion
Stabbed in Back
Take the Crown
The Adored
The Arkhams
The Buzzcocks
The Cult
The Explosion
The Haunted
The Henchmen
The Horrorpops
The Living End
The Sisters of Mercy
The Static Age
The Tossers
The Warlocks
The Warriors
Tiger Army
Time Again
TV on the Radio
US Bombs
Viva Hate
Wanda Jackson
Wednesday 13
Zombie Ghost Train

States I Visited in 2006:
New Mexico (first time ever!)
Oklahoma (first time!)
Kansas (first time!)
Missouri (first time!)
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
North Carolina
South Carolina

My Top 10 Albums for 2006:
1. My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade - much as I love the new AFI I really think this one holds together better, heck, I've always loved the concept albums dating from my obsessions with David Bowie & Alice Cooper as a kid & I gotta give credit to anybody in this day & age who'll take chances on going over the top as the new Queen. Glad I splurged for the fancy box set version which is a beautiful packaging job.
2. AFI: December Underground - I do like it a lot but IMHO it just isn't quite as good as Sing the Sorrow and the lyrics lack the depth of the last several albums. And I could do without Kill caustic - Davey, didn't your throat doctor tell you to give up the screaming?
3. Morrissey: Ringleader of the Tormentors - don't like it quite as much as "You Are the Quarry" but its still a great album & Tony Visconti did a wonderful production job. I really had to hear "Life is a Pigsty" live to properly appreciate it though.
4. Johnny Cash: American V: A Hundred Highways - even though it is so depressing to listen to, realizing that he was recording these as he was dying. Still it is utterly brilliant.
5. Tool: 10,000 Days - enjoyed though not as much as Lateralus, still it has some of the most amazing packing design I've ever seen.
6. I Am Ghost: Lover’s Requiem - First saw these guys in February opening for Tiger Army & managed to catch them a bunch of times since. They put on a great live show & I really enjoy their debut album (LOL can't have enough songs about vampires, eh?)
7. Rezurex: Beyond the Grave - at last, the album length version including the songs that had come out on the earlier 2005 EP. definitely one of the best psychobilly bands out there, look forward to seeing them in 2 weeks!
8. Zombeast: Zombeast - OK so they are a bit derivative of Samhain & early Danzig but dammit I can't get enough of that sound & the singer has a great (albeit Danzig influenced) voice.
9. Heavens: Patent Pending - while I don't enjoy it as much as Skiba's Alkaline Trio, its still a darned good little side project. Damn the dead battery that caused me to miss their show!
10. The Mars Volta: Amputechure - more from these prog rockers though not as memorable as their debut.

And I keep meaning to pick up The Raconteurs and Thirty Seconds to Mars (as I'm digging that cool video filmed in the Forbidden City) I really didn’t buy a whole lotta new releases this year but I did buy a ton of old stuff that I only had on vinyl so I could rip them for my iPod, had a major 80’s pop/synthpop binge at Amoeba in October.

My Fav Movies of 2006
I didn't make it to many since I was so often gone on weekends so I'm probably missing some good ones.
Clerks II
Curse of the Golden Flower
Silent Hill
Pirates of the Caribbean II : Dead Man’s Chest (not as good as the first one)

Saw & was somewhat disappointed in Superman Returns (only high point was Kevin Spacey chewing scenery as Lex Luthor), the 3rd X-Men (totally botched plot, why oh why couldn’t we have Bryan Singer stay on & do the Dark Phoenix saga like in the comic??) & the Da Vinci Code (boring even though I liked the book)

And I am DYING to see Pan’s Labyrinth & Children of Men, neither of which is playing here yet. Bleh.

High points of 2006:
--- Traveling around like a crazy gypsy again!! Took shitloads of photos, met tons of people. Spent way too much $ & got not nearly enough sleep. Visited 4 states I'd never be in before.
February: Two trips to CA in February to see Tiger Army in Anaheim 4x & San Diego twice – unfortunately I had to come home in between because of the “mandatory” meeting at my old job which just added fuel to the fire to get out quick (which I did!) Grr – would much rather have stayed there in between.
March: I went out to Albuquerque to see my friend Mad Dog Chad (ex 12 Step rebels) with his new band “Ends !n Tragedy” open for TA in Albuquerque (where I’d never been before & got to check out the town & find some great cheap antiques & jewelry!) Then headed from ABQ to Oklahoma to see TA with MORRISSEY (yahoo!) and in between got hi-jacked to Kansas City (MO) via Kansas top see the Dropkick Murphys & the Horrorpops. Flew home after the Moz shows straight to Baltimore to see Dropkick & HP again in Baltimore & then did the road trip to Boston for Dropkick on St Patty’s Day! Wowza crazy ass week! Also that month I caught the Sisters of Mercy, the Cult and Rob Zombie at the 9:30 club here in town (on different nights that is)
April: Scored tix to one of the AFI fan club sneak preview shows at the Henry Fonda in Hollywood & used a free Rapid Rewards ticket on Southwest to fly out & blew off the last day of my old job for AFI!
May: Great Memorial day weekend in SoCal with Geoff Kresge & Chad debuting their new band Viva Hate for which Geoff asked me to do the website & take concert shots – yippee! And to add icing to the cake, they were opening for Mad Sin!
June: Caught NIN & Bauhaus together, as a Spiral member I got to see the great radio show performance with Trent singing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” while Peter Murphy strew rose petals over him. Then roadtrips to Philly, Raleigh (Warped) & Myrtle Beach to see AFI!
July: Spent the 4th of July weekend in SoCal again & caught both Tiger Army & the Horrorpops at Hootenanny. Later in the month did a NJ roadtrip with Dead Rites as they opened for Steve Zing’s band Doomtree & a quick trip to Cleveland to catch AFI at the Agora.
August: wow I actually stayed home for a month!
September: made up for August LOL. Short jaunt to NJ at the beginning of the month to see Pete Steele do a reunion with Carnivore while Kenny & Johnny also from Type O Negative played with their new band Seventh Void. A week later drove to Charlottesville, VA to catch the Horrorpops & Rev Horton Heat & thed to the airport & out to California (flying of Sept 11 on near empty plane!) to catch Tiger Army & AFI together in Irvine and Long Beach and in between those 2 shows made a quick trip to Phoenix to see Tiger Army with I Am Ghost (who I’d previously met in Feb with TA & in June at the Raleigh Warped show)
October: another weekend with Viva Hate in Long h/Riverside/San Marcos, then back home to catch Alice Cooper and at the end of the month up to NJ for AFI and Baltimore & Philly for I Am Ghost on Halloween!
November: afeee here in DC at the 9:30 & then up in Albany and a quick trip to Las Vegas right before Halloween to catch Danzig on the "Blackest of the Black" west coast tour!
December: great weekend in Philly & Asbury Park with my fav Aussies Zombie Ghost Train & back up to NJ to see Danzig again the day after Xmas. Meanwhile I got to see a screening of the AFI show from Long Beach I attended at the AFI (American Film Institute) Silver Theater!

No wonder I’m always so fucking tired & broke LOL! Ah well, I’d rather grab every possible opportunity when I can than end up one of those miserable old coots that keeps saying “I Wish I’d Done That when I was younger"

----NEW JOB! - Finally escaped the crappy management that had taken over managing my old position & made life hell for everybody (as well as cut their grades/salaries) & landed a much better one (as a Management assistant & Liaison to the contractors we hire to run our meetings and arrange travel ) as well as a good promotion & raise in a nicer office where I’ve been treated with a lot more respect & given a lot more training opportunities & some mentors pointing me at bigger opportunities. I honestly walk in there every morning feeling grateful & wanting to do my best to make them proud! Oh yeah and I beat out my old boss for it!

---NEW INK! - Two very cool new tattoos (arms all covered, working on the legs now! For a birthday present to me in April I got another Tiger Army related tat with the Linas Garsys “Rose of the Devil’s Garden” drawing down my right calf and in October I got a way cool Martin Emond devil girl (with a nod to the Misfits) down my left.

--NEW ART! - Some great scores for my art collection (a/k/a “the money pit”) including 4 Simon Bisley drawings for Doyle’s Gorgeous Frankenstein project, 2 Biz Satanika pages, 2 Michael Zulli drawings, 5 Satanika drawings from Esteban Maroto & then he gave me a beautiful watercolor, also got an amazing Vlad Dracula from him. Scored an amazing tattoo flash style Marty Fuckin’ Emond painting on eBay & then later in the year a White Trash painted page. And a few pieces from Craig Hamilton, Tony Harris, Joe Linsner & Matt Wagner!

--Down with debt! paid off my car loan a year early (looking forward to a few car-loan free years as its only got 67,000 miles and has a 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty! Yay Hyundai!) & as a pressie to myself got a new Alpine car stereo & XM satellite radio – I just love Fungus 53!

--Some more publication credits TA in the Orange County register (who also interviewed me about them), Ramrod from Left Alone on their latest CD “Dead American Radio” & a few smaller newspapers :) Plus many many band websites & Myspaces, always makes me happy to see them using pix of mine as their icons!

Low points of 2006:
- news of Jeannette's suicide. The 4th of my friends to take their life (along with my dad and his brother). I've known too many & this one hit particularly hard, I wasn't so surprized when I heard about Carrie a year earlier but this took me totally by surprize. It goes to show that you just never knows what personal demons people battle. I'm just grateful I ran into her at the NIN show in Philly late in 2005 and I'll always remember her happy like she was that night.

- Crap with the management at my OLD job that lead to why I quit. Like the idiotic “mandatory meeting” that interrupted my vacation & I had to fly home from California to hear a 10 minute assembly where they announced they were discontinuing one tracking program and hadn’t yet decided what to replace it with. Like they couldn’t have just emailed me! Yet another example of how they liked to yank people’s chains. So I attended that & then flew back out & caught up with my friends in San Diego (massively frustrated at the extra expense of a round trip ticket!) Oh yeah,and their idea of a year end bonus for excellent performance for the previous year was a measly four hours off – one lousy afternoon while the previous management would have at least given you a grand or so. But I got my revenge & found a better job!! Take that DEAS!

- some respiratory infections – mainly early on in 2006, I’ve been remarkably healthy (for me that is) for months now & long since weaned off the prednisone so hopefully it will soon work itself out of my body so I can get back to loosing more weight. Keeping my fingers crosses that I won't get bronchitis this winter. I did manage to take off what I’d gained due to the prednisone in early 2006 and have maintained that for a few months now.

- having the battery on my car die the night I had tix to see Matt Skiba’s side project Heavens at the Ottobar & missing the show as it took AAA three hours to get there (and then another hour for Sears to replace the battery – at least that was free as it was less than a year old and faulty!

Looking forward to:
- Dir En Grey in Baltimore early Feb
- I Am Ghost in Towson & Philly mid Feb
- Cradle of Filth in early March
- another crazy weekend with Dead Rites & Doomtree at the end of March!
- the upcoming Tiger Army album “Music from Regions Beyond” in June & them touring
- more Viva Hate shows whenever they get scheduled!

Resolved to....
- stick to my diet (lately have been mostly vegetarian with very little meat, maybe chicken once a week & very low fat)
- get back to the gym more regularly as I'd slacked off
- work harder on networking & making more connections with my photos so I can do more for mags/online zines & get some better access/press passes
- take advantage of all the training classes I can at work with aim on working up the ladder to an even higher position
- collect more art
- add some more tattoos (the "key to hell" from Sandman particularly whispers to me)

And compare to last year's list.
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