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first addition to the gallery in 2007!

Amazing how fast I can scramble for $$$ if something pops up I want bad enough!

The other night on the 7th House Board Michael (Verotik Underworld) posted he was selling a very cool table of contents page from Verotika #5 by Martin Emond. Liz went into major MUST HAVE mode as this sort of thing seldom turns up (rare enough to see any of Marty's originals for sale - I can count on one hand how many I've seen come up in the last 2 years) & I was bummed on being outbid on the Venus Domina cover I'd just missed on ebay that wasn't anywhere near as nice (as well as a bit alarmed that the person who'd originally sold it was trying to buy it back). So I wrote & asked him to put it on hold & he said he'd be nice enough to take layaway which was great, he did the same for me last year for those two Simon Bisley Satanika pages & I also bought a few smaller items from him last year.

So I started running around the apartment doing the "what can I sell quick" thing, posted some duplicate rare AFI vinyl on the AFI board & dropped the prices on some porcelain horse figurines I had for sale on the Model Horse Sales page & ta DA, I got it all together ASAP (hooray for paypal!) & was able to send Michael the whole balance today!

Now if I could just talk him out of that black Satanika bust by Norman Cabrera that he outbid me on ebay on...sigh... Maybe eventually he'll change his mind on that one, at one point this Emond & the Biz pages were also on his "never sell" list.

Sigh... what is it about me that's somewhat obsessed by collecting all the originals I can of one of my favorite dead artists as if to better keep his memory alive? Hmm that White Trash page should be arriving soon from Scott too as I paid that off last Friday!

Photo of the actual original piece (above scan is of the printed version)

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