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Realize its been a while since I wrote anything. Haven't been up to much aside from seeing some movies, absolutely loved both "Pan's Labyrinth" and "City of Men" even tho both were ultimately a bit depressing. Glad go see PL nominated for 6 Academy Awards & also hope that "Curse of the Golden Flower" gets one for costumes which it truly deserves.

Also about a week and a half ago I got to see David Lynch introducing his latest "Inland Empire" at the AFI (that's American Film Institute...) which was pretty damn cool. The film itself I'm still not sure what to make of it, it is audaciously experimental in construct and verges more into an art piece than a conventional narrative film but I'd rather see somebody do something different and daring than the same old thing every day. (Still I think the 3 hour running time was a bit much and while I appreciate that the long takes established certain moods I think it could have been tightened up a bit). Also way surprized to see Nick 13 pop up in the last scene - I actually saw his name in the credits (credited as "the Archaeologist" tho he has no speaking lines) & was wondering how the hell I could have missed him & then I spotted him sitting in a chair in the upper left hand corner of the scene as the credits rolled. Weird. Laura Dern was robbed & should have at the very least been nominated for "Best Actress" as she put in an amazing performance of a woman coming completely apart.

Poor Paula, she got word Saturday night that her mum had died, she'd been battling emphysema and had never given up smoking. :( So we took her to the airport Sunday & she visited with her brother & they had a service on Monday and she came home last night full of all sorts of family gossip, sounds like her sister is just as bad as mine. At least I think it will bring her closer to her brother & nieces/nephew. It was so quiet and weird when she was gone since she's never gone on her on - poor Spooky would sit by the door crying, he gets upset when "his people" go away. Glad to have her back home, she came back with some nice things to remember her family by including her grandmother's diamond ring & many old photos & her niece will be mailing Paula the heirloom "sea chest" from the 1800's from a great great grandmother who immigrated from England as a young bride that is traditionally passed down to the oldest daughter.
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