Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

I tawt I taw a puddy cat????

Actually I think it was a ghost. The weirdest fucking thing happened about an hour ago.

I was sitting at my desk in the living room surfing the web while Paula snoozed on the couch & Judy was in her room. I heard a horrible noise - Spookycat howling and wailing like a banshee and completely freaking out, I've NEVER heard him sound like that. He lauched himself at the glass balcony door and started desparately trying to claw at the glass. And I was was like "what the fuck" and looked and sitting there on the other side of the glass door was a black cat, sitting alert like the ancient statues of Bast and staring back with green eyes reflecting glow from the lights in our apartment.

What the hell? How could a cat even get ON our balcony - we are on the 3rd floor, I've never heard of a cat scaling straight up a brick wall three stories. Why? But what really bothered me was the chill that ran through me. I mean I'm a sucker for animals, I LOVE cats, I rescue strays and try find them homes (and Spooky sure never reacted like that to other cats) but I just was hit with this overwhelming feeling of "whatever you do don't open that door". Words were failing me, I started babbling to call Judy and muttered "there's a cat on the uhhhhh" and couldn't even grab the word balcony out of my brain. Judy came out & saw it, Paula woke up on hearing Spooky's crazed wailing & saw it.

And then it was gone. Paula thought she saw it turn & leave but both Judy and I just suddenly saw it & then it wasn't there.

And we compared notes.

I saw a very thin & sleek black cat with green eyes.

Paula saw a cobby shorthair cat with yellow eyes.

Judy saw a fluffy cat with yellow eyes.

Spooky definitely saw something & was very bothered, Rissa crawled out & saw it but shrank back by the bookshelves.

I took Spooky in to my room (still howling as he wanted to stand guard) & Paula went outside & saw no sign of him. I went downstairs & outside the apartment and saw no sign of a cat & still had that weird feeling that it wasn't really a cat. It was the same feeling when I saw a ghost many years ago. I think this was some sort of spirit cat.

Honestly I wouldn't be the least bit surprized if I found out tomorrow that somebody I knew died at about 10:30 PM tonight.
Tags: ghostly tales
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