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If I had a house....

I could give more homeless kitties a comfy safe place to live. But since that's probably unlikely until I'm old enough to retire & move away from scary high real estate, I'll do my best to help those that help to find them homes. Its nice to see a 2nd no-kill shelter for cats opening here in Gaithersburg and on Saturday we went to the open house for the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County who just opened up their shelter on Bonanza Way (off Muncaster Mill Rd between Goshen & Flower Hill). They are very nice folks & are very excited at being able to save more cats as they visit the shelters that do enthanize when they are overcrowded & the kitties have been there to long (like the Montgomery County Humane Society that I rescued Spooky from) & try give another chance to the ones they feel would be most adoptable.

Anyhow I know they'd be happy for any donations & they take paypal :)

If I wasn't at my apartment cat limit this pretty gal probably would have followed me home-

from the outside -

Miss Patches was entranced by her toy mouse

Marilyn Monroe is a beauty
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