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View from my balcony

Last night was a long one.... I was depressed as fuck because i *SHOULD* have been in Norfolk with Chris & Megan seeing Cradle of Filth & 69 Eyes but my nasty cold was still hanging in & as I was using my nebulizer every few hours for my asthma I didn't want to risk going & possibly getting worse (especially as Virginia still allows smoking in clubs which easily could have lead to a major asthma attack).

So instead I stayed home & tried to cheer myself at least with some nice chinese food, about 1 AM Judy asks if I heard the shots, I'm like WHAT? I look outside & there are at least 10 police cars & two ambulances pulling up in the parking lot & a VERY hysterical girl is screaming into her cell phone and I can make out "Somebody shot Robert". So I went out on the balcony & watched - the EMTs brought in two stretchers & brought out two guys, judging by the bandages it looked like one had been shot in the legs & the other in the throat. They had half the parking tape blocked off with crime scene tape & several officers spent hours combing the lot searching for spent shells.

This morning all traces of the tape & force were gone like it was any other day. So far no word on any of the local news outlets as to what happened but it was pretty damn creepy & Paula was very grateful that Judy and I were home & not in Norfolk as she would not have felt safe alone.
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