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Spring at last????

After a very late winter & a few snow storms in late February & some recentc old snaps it finally looks like spring & the temperatures have jumped up the last two days - hooray! LOL just in time for me to leave for sunny SoCal for a long weekend (yay for free Rapid Reward frequent flier tickets on Southwest!!) as I'm heading out tomorrow to meet up with Mary in OC & then off to the Knitting Factory in Hollywood to catch Viva Hate opening for the Koffin Kats and then again Friday night @ the Showcase Theater in Corona. Will be great to see Geoff & Kamilla & Matt and Erica and Emily again though I'm still bummed that Chad quit the band to spend more time with his other outfit, End !n Tragedy. But will be cool to meet the new drummer Greg (from The Swinging Utters which makes VH something like an east bay supergroup)& get some shots of the new lineup for their website.

And the weekends ahead will be fun - March 30/31 I'm meeting up with my friend Beth for a Joisey roadtrip to catch Type O Negative at the Starland & then my buddies Dead Rites at Dingbatz the next night & we've been invited to DR's video shoot :)

And April 6th Tiger Army is opening for Bad Religion at the Santa Monica Civic Center for a one-off show ("Heal the Bay") before they head off to Europe for two months, happy for a chance to see them before the summer Warped tour. Much as I love TA I really hate the outside and heat and sun and I just can't see myself doing 7 warpeds like I did in 2004 when they played so I'll aim for 2-3 this year & wait til they do another club tour for more shows. Nice early birthday present for Liz since it looks like I can't afford to travel far enuff for a good birthday show this year (with TA in Denmark on the 19th & AFI in Mexico City)

Caught "300" last weekend in the theater & enjoyed it even if they did make Xerxes come off like a crazy drag queen on a giant Las Vegas showgirl dias. Its not good when the big bad of a movie comes onscreen & the whole audience starts snickering.... still the cinematography and effects were amazing. Still want to see the Korean monster movie "The Host" that just opened & is getting good reviews & am dying to see Grindhouse, the theater showing 300 had a big display of the wonderfully retro posters & lobby cards, yay to Tarrantino & Rodriquez & their undying love of cheesey exploitation.

And went on a real movie binge with DVDs between a good sale on DeepDiscountDVD & the 4 for $20 bin at Blockbuster and got a ton including Silent Hill, The Descent, Tokyo Godfathers, The Lake House, V for Vendetta, Lady in the Water, Velvet Goldmine, The People Under The Stairs, Touch of Evil, Gangs of NY, Cat People (Kinski/McDowell remake), Below, Temptress Moon & cheap copies on ebay of The Prestige, The Aviator & Tideland...now just to find some free time to watch 'em! (And I know there are at least a few others I'm spacing....) Need to get the Departed too since I missed it in the theater.

Sigh... just a few more minutes here & then I can head home & do laundry & pack & hope to geta little extra sleep!! :)
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