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Go Go Graveyard Rock tonight!!!

Yesterday was my last day in LA, REALLY hated the idea of going home and back to work but figure I'll just have to come back, right? Had a helluva great week!!!

Kristen and I spent the day shopping on Melrose and pretty much bought the place - I got the coolest pair of black & green creepers and a neat Dragonfly thermal long sleeve shirt and some Lucky 13 T shirts (my fav shows a cartoony Frakenstein and his Lily Munsterish bride and says "Love Dead, Hate Living") and I picked up a neat necklace with a mexican day of the Dead kinda style charm that I think will make aneat Xmas present for my tattooist Susan as it looks like stuff she loves. Kristen got about 4 new outfits at Serious and Retail Slut. She also gave me the coolest scarf from Retail Slut - its hot pink and black stripes with a little skull & crossbones embroidered in the corner, perfect for winter!

Amelia met up with us in time for dinner and we went to Mel's Diner on Sunset Blvd - a cool retro style diner with pretty good food (tho not as good as Swingers!) Then we headed over to the Knitting Factory for the Hellcat Records "Give 'em the Boot IV" record release party featuring our buddies from Albecracky, the 12 Step Rebels!

Amelia and I had met 12SR back in May down in Florida on the Punks Vs. Psychos tour when they were opening for Tiger Army and we last saw them at the Tiger Army record release shows back in July at the House of Blues, this was the first time I'd gotten to see them since their album ("Go Go Graveyard Rockin' with the 12 Step Rebels") had come out and I got a chance to get them to sign them & tell them how happy I was that they were able to use one of my concert shots in the CD booklet & how nice it was of them to thank Amelia and I in the credits! They are absolutely the sweetest guys and I was so happy that their show in LA coincided with my trip & I was able to change my plane ticket to stay the extra day to see them!!!

Show was great! Got lots of pix, here are a few, many more here:

Jakob Insane on guitar and vocals and Hamburgler Nate Hancock on upright bass -

Mad Dog Chad on drums -

Lots of interesting people there, we met a cool gal named Tara and her friend (who's name I didn't catch) - they'd come to see Mad Sin and were really disappointed that they canceled due to some misunderstanding but they enjoyed 12SR. Amelia & Kristen went outside for a bit and ran into Tim Armstrong from Rancid & talked to him a bit -I saw Jeff and James from Tiger Army as well as Manbat, Dustin and Kamilla, it was really great to see everybody & get a chance to say goodbye after the last 9 weeks or so of shows on the Social Distortion tour!

Amelia and Kristin -

EVB and Jeff Roffredo -

Amelia and Dustin (a/k/a "Davik")-

EVB and Jakob from 12SR -

EVB and Nate from 12SR -
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