Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Viva Hate & Koffin Kats Friday at the Showcase

Friday we got to sleep in (much appreciated after a late Thursday night!) & did a little shopping in Orange County & had a great lunch at Marie Calenders - cool to see its a real restaurant chain & not just the manufacturers of the best frozen chicken pot pies (great soup & salad bar!!) Later we braved the heavy traffic on the 91 east to Corona to head to the Showcase & ran into Matt on the way in. Once inside our friend Qhathryn from the 7th house board joined up with us.

First Band we caught - the Howlers - I thought the singer had a pretty nice voice in the "I love my Misfits and Samhain records" kinda way. I think Left for Dead was next tho I missed most of their set since I was out back talking to Matt & Geoff and finally got to meet Greg. came back in right before Viva Hate's set & got some great pix I'll post later (gotta select/resize) and they got a really good response - quite a few of the ids there has seen them before. I ran into a group who'd caught them a few weeks back opening for AFI & liked them so much they drove down to this show :)

After Viva Hate was the slandering & then the Koffin Kats who I enjoyed quite a lot. This man has a lot of Elvis in him (kept thinking of that old "Elvis is Everywhere" song by Skid & Mojo)

The Howlers

The Slanderin'

The Koffin Kats (I was lazy & took these from the balcony cause the floor was a hige pit)



Tags: concert photos, concert pix, geoff kresge, koffin kats, viva hate
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