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It never fails....

I go off and run around like a nut for a week and come back & get sick as a dog - currently suffering from a really nasty cold and bad cough, so tired of having my lungs full of gunk... I prolly brought it on myself yet I'd do it all again in a heartbeat...

There was a thread on the AFI board about 10 best albums of 2004 and I realized what a great year it was for music & how easy it was to name 10 favs off the top of my head - so many of my favorite artists released albums this year including many who had been out of commission for a few years or ones that hadn't exactly done great stuff lately who suddenly improved...

My personal favs for 2004 -

Tiger Army - Ghost Tigers Rise - OK I freely admit it, I can't be objective about this band, I just love them too much and this is easily my favorite release by them, I've been listening to it pretty damned near nonstop since I got it. I'll never forget how I first heard it... I'd flown down to Orlando in May to see them on the Punks Vs. Psychos tour and that morning stopped in a Hot Topic & stopped in my tracks when I realized they were playing "Wander Alone" (that I'd heard on the Rancid tour the previous winter). As soon as I realized they had an advance of the whole album I unsuccessfully tried to bribe the salesclerk into selling it, when she wouldn't I at least got her to play the whole thing for me (and amused her to no end) and was able to find an advance soon after on ebay. It easily catapulted into my list of "all time fav albums"

Morrissey - You Are the Quarry - his first in a long while and IMHO his strongest album since the Smiths and damn what a great concert he puts on!

Social Distortion - Sex, Love and Rock and Roll - another great comeback after a long layoff an done of their strongest albums ever

12 Step Rebels - Go Go Graveyard Rockin' with the 12 Step Rebels - my pick for best debut album of 2004, my fav boys from Albecracky!!

Skinny Puppy - Greater Wrong of the Right - another amazing comeback after many years of inactivity and an amazing live show

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus - his best album in many years and wins my award for best packaging of 2004 in a really nice cloth covered slipcase. Nick damn well better tour soon!

Danzig - Circle of Snakes - WAY better than D7 though I am not as fond of the songs as I was on D6, still the production is miles better and his voice sounds at its best in 10 years. Really looking forward to the shows later this month.

Ministry - Houses of the mole' - Al's best since Psalm 69 though IMHO it still pales next to that & the ones that preceded it.

Muse - Absolution - not as stellar as Origins of Symmetry but still very, very good, I saw them opening for the Cure and they blew me away.

The Horrorpops - Hell Yeah! Its cheesy but some days all I require is tacky silly fun!

Most anticipated releases for 2004 - AFI, Tool, Mad Sin

Now excuse me please while I call in sick and try and go back to bed & get rid of this nasty cough!
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