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damn I hate those damn verification boxes where you have to try & make out what the wiggly letters in a box are and type them out to order tickets from Ticketbastard. I blame them for my inability to get Morrissey tickets for Baltimore at Ram's Head at the presale this morning which must have sold out in about 15 seconds (and $65 a head too!) I'll try again Saturday when they go on sale to the public & hopefully they will last at least 20 seconds... hate to miss a show so close, especially in a club. There will also be one at Wolf Trap but since that's huge and seated (up close, the lawn is far off) I'm tempted to pass on it.

At least I got some for the Norva show on July 9th and already made dinner reservations for their restaurant so we can get in first - whoopee!!! Will be awesome to see him there as it is a smallish club, I think its the smallest venue on this tour or if not it must be close. And this time I'll print off extra ticketfast tix & stash them in the car's glove box so I'm not an idiot & forget the printed ones like I did last year after driving 4 hrs to get there to see My Chemical Romance. I never felt so dumb!

Tomorrow I'll head up to Beth's & then we are going to see Type O Negative at the Starland and staying up in Joisey as my friend Radu's band Dead Rites is doing a show in Clifton at Dingbatz on Saturday - should be a fun weekend!! Then next Thursday its off to Santa Monica to catch Tiger army opening for Bad religion a week from tomorrow!!!
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