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on her milk white neck....the devil's mark

Went up to the Starland Ballroom in NJ last Friday with my friend Beth to see Type O Negative, or at least I saw the first song.

Sadly I've never run into a nastier crowd at a show in my life and I really can't believe it was the Type O fans being such assholes as I saw Carnivore & 7th Void at the same venue 6 months earlier & the show was fine, plus I've seen Type 0 at least 20 times before and usually the crowd mostly just stands there. I think it was just a ton of assholes looking to bust heads on a Friday night Even before the show I had some crazy bitch behind me who kept humping my leg to be annoying & dug her fingernails into me & scratched up my arm just to try & get me to leave (I overheard her say to her friend "we'll do whatever it takes to get up front") Eventually I just had it & turned around and punched her as hard as I could (wearing my large Axel rings that work pretty much like brass knuckles) and she dropped & got the message. Then when Type O came on all these big idiots started surging forward punching everybody in their way - my friend Beth is pretty short & she was getting crushed, a really nice guy to her right tried to hold everybody off & I got security to pull her out.

By that point I'd had it & deided to leave as I was tired of getting punched & nobody would let me out, people started attacking me & knocked me down & somebody tried to grab my purse which I thankfully recovered. It took about 10 minutes to make my way out as the club was totally oversold by which point I was having trouble breathing & the medic saw me having an asthma attack & sat me down & put me on oxygen & brought me some water. I had to talk him out of calling an ambulance. The staff were really nice & I got to sit out in the lobby watching tons of troublemakers get thrown out.

Too bad I hardly got to see Type O tho. At least I get another chance as they are coming to Sonar in Baltimore May 6th so Beth is going to come down for that. I feel worse for her - Type O is her favorite band, she got into them about 3 years ago right as they stopped touring(I'd just seen them with Cradle of Filth then) and I promised her that when they played I'd go with her) What a disaster for your first time seeingyouir fav band... at least she was able to make the Carnivore show.

I got a few pix during the opener "Magical Mystery Tour" & some I shot with the zoom from the back of the room later.
(I couldn't even see Kenny at all as my view was blocked)

Singer from Brand New Sin-

Their bassist has taste :)

We hada lot more fun the nextnight going to see my friend Radu's band DEAD RITES.
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