Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

my roomies know what I want - they gave me the man of my dreams for my b'day!

Or as close as they could manage anyhow, LOL - Judy & Paula got me a VERY VERY cool Johnny Depp doll of "Jack Sparrow" made by Medicom of Japan - one I had lusted after many times on ebay. They make REALLY nice 12" figures - I also have the Edward Scissorhands doll they did a few years back and SOMEDAY I'll nab the scarce "Phantom of the Paradise" who always goes for more on ebay than I am willing to fork out at the time...

I need to clear a shelf somewhere (ha!!) for all my "boys" and then he can hang with Edward, Spike, Angel & Lorne... Come to think of it the only girl I have is Queen Amidala (tho I have a couple of her in amazing outfits)

We had a wonderful dinner last night at Outback (yay New York strip!) & they even spontaneously brought us a 2nd plate of their fried mushroom appetizer since they said the first one wasn't big enough (!?????) Methinks something had happened with our original waitress since the manager came over & asked if everything was ok & said they'd sent her home and a new waiter swooped in & took great care of us. It was odd but hey, worked out in our favor! So we brought the extra mushrooms home & hopefully they will reheat well.

Now I'm suffering from a major allergy attack - grrr...I just hate it when everything out there is happily blooming away and the pollen leaves me gasping. Staying home today so I can make use of the nebulizer as I'm breathing really hard - I get so frustrated using up those sick days as quickly as I earn em, sigh, I'm just really grateful I have a job with good benefits & a decent amount of leave!

At least I can enjoy the new Nails album that finally arrived yesterday that I pre-ordered from Amazon (note to Liz - if you wanna hear it when it comes out then bypass the slowboat from China free shipping!)

Tags: johnny depp, medicom, pirates
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