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catching up.... MCR/Muse at Merrieweather

Finallya chance to write a bit, been busy at work but its all good, just a lot of meeting requests while our institutes scramble to figure how to allocate the funds.

Had fun last Friday, took the afternoon off & went up to Columbia with Judy & Paula to catch My Chemical Romance @ Merriweather Post. Got their early & were very amused in line but the trio right in front of us - two of them (Eric and Laura) kept running off to the car to take very large swigs of Captain Morgans and eventually got so drunk they were throwing clumps of dirt at each other and then mixing in blue powerade to create "super Powerade mud" the better to scrub into each other's skin. At least they were happy cheerful friendly drunks and tried to be relatively careful not to share their soil while their third friend Will (the sober one with the car keys whow ould be driving home even tho it wasn't his car thankfully) kept apologizing. It made the wait go faster to as they were pretty damn entertaining.

Since it was all general admission there was a pretty mad dash for the pit & good seats. Being as my asthma has been crazy because of all the pollen I wasn't up to the pit but we snagged good seats right behind it & watched how fast the place filled up - even the lawn behind the pavillion was crammed as it was sold out. very glad for the seats tho I'm not sure GA is the best option for Merriweather as then if you were in the seats you couldn't even go to the bathroom as security said nobody cold hold seats - in between acts the aisles solidly filled up with folks who seemed to think that miraculously a seat would appear just for them and security had to shoe them out.

Opening were Muse who were excellent, I'd seen them a few years ago opening for the Cure on the Curiosa tour in 2004 but it was great hearing new cuts off "Black Holes and Revelations". Mr. Rock Dude down the row (with Mrs. Rock Dudette who was trying to look half her age in the latest Hot Topic fashions) kept loudly complaining about not being able to go out to the bathroom but was evidently very impressed by Muse as hhe had to come over twice to say "that was amazing" (evidentally because I was the only person in our section of seats who was bopping out like they were familiar with them?)

My Chem was up next & they were really good, they played their latest (and IMHO best) album "The Black Parade" in its entirity from start to finish which I got a kick out of as it is a total concept album in that great mid 70's tradition (with obvious influences of Bowie, T. Rex, Queen, Kiss etc...c'mon the opening track is practically "Five Years" and "House of Wolves" steals riffs straight outta "Detroit Rock City") with over the top theatrical bits ala Diamond Dogs opening with Gerard Way draped in a hospital gown wheeled out in a hospital bed (as the album is a conecpt about a guy dying of cancer), they also had some wonderful pyrotechics, especially the huge wall of flames across the back of the stage as they hit "Mama, we all go to Hell". They also introduced themselves as "The Black Parade" (like the Spiders from Mars?) and noted that after they played they'd be followed by this other band, "My Chemoical Romance" who "aren't very good, their lyrics are atrocious and they are terrible dressers".

And as promised after The Black Parade concluded My Chem came on as themselves this time (post costume change) for a few tracks off "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" including "I'm Not OK", "Cemetary Drive" and "Helena". If anything it only underscored how much more proficient & stronger the newer material is. The older songs aren't bad but IMHO the new ones are that much better.

The audience seemed quite a bit older this time (last time I saw MCR with Alkaline Trio I felt ancient as the whole audience seemed to be 14 year olds reacting like it was the Beatles in the mid 60s) so perhaps their music is reaching out to a wider audience.

Sunday Jree and I hit the movie theater for a matinee of "Hot Fuzz" - a British buddy-cop flick by the team that brought you "Shawn of The Dead" and is just as great. Yarg!

Looking forward to catching Nekromantix and Time Again tomorrow night at the Ottobar. And just got my tickets for the Tiger Army record release show in Las Vegas at the presale this afternoon - woot!!!
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