Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

holy fuck

Here I am typing away on the computer and suddenly - "BOOM"!!!

It sounds like a fucking explosion outside and the power is suddenly dead and everything is pitch black and we fumble around & grab flashlights and cell phones (open it for emergency light) and a few minutes later the power comes on in our apartment (tho oddly enough the whole rest of the complex is dark) and some helicopters are overhead & one lands across the street in the parking lot of the shuttered supermarket and I'm like "what the hell" and run out to explore as the buildings empty out of curiosity seekers moving towards the excitment.

Not much going on by the landed helicopter aside from a few police cruisers but down at the corner I see 6 cruisers with their lights flashing blocking the road and so I head down that way...

And around the corner is what is left of a car that somehow slammed into a telephone pole except now it looks like the phone pole (miraculously intact & weirdly unharmed - are these things wood or titanium?) is growing through the car where a driver would have been.

Nobody could have possibly lived through that, I shudder to think what the side I couldn't see was like.

Weirdly enough the lights were still on.

I'm still trying to figure out how it got there as the majority of the car was wrapped around the pole away from the street.

Oh and by the way the speed limit on that stretch of road is 30 mph....


Tags: neighborhood
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