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fuzzy little predator

Shown to right -----> the guilty party showing his pointy teeth

Liz is in a lotta pain right now & not too good at typing due to dear Spooky & some outside help.

Months back I posted about a black mystery cat who first scared the bejeezus outta me by showing up staring into our living room from the balcony on the 3rd floor. I thought it was a ghost as I couldn't imagine that a cat could even get UP there.

He turned out to be all too real & kept coming back like a bad check - he'd jump up to the walls on the side of the front steps, from there to the rental office balcony & from there to the railing on the balcony, then up to the SIGN over the doorway (which is MAYBE an inch thick?) and finally up to our balcony & saunter over. One night he was brazen enough to try walk in the apt & I had to chase him out lest he get in contact with our two kitties. Spooky goes INSANE when he sees him, once the glass door was open & only the screen door was shut & the black cat nearly barged in, charging into the screen & putting a hole in it & I had to shut the glass practically on Spooky's head to make sure things didn't escalate. Other times Spooky has pretty much brained himself by charging into the glass door after the black cat. Its made him more aggressive and upset and Spooky spends most of his day lying next to the balcony door keeping watch. For several weeks the black cat was gone and i'd hoped he'd disappeared for good as Spooky was back to his old self but then Friday night he was back to our dismay.

So Jree mixed up some Texas Pete hot sauce in some water & put it in a spray bottle with the hopes that maybe if we sprayed him he'd go away. So Saturday he came back & I alerted Jree, she got ready to open the door & I tried to grab the howling Spooky so he wouldn't shoot out. BAD MOVE. He completely freaked & suddenly thought he was a pit pull & attacked me & punched many very deep bites into my right hand I I started bleeding all over the carpet & pried him off & ran to the kitchen & put my hand under the sink where it bleed copiously for the next half hour while Paula called barbary_coast to come help drive me to the emergency room & called Kaiser to make an appt at their urgent care emergency clinic.

We got there OK & I got the wounds cleaned out & a tetanus shot & put on heavy duty antibiotics (Augmentun) for 10 days with several more appointments so they could keep an eye on it lest any infection spread, apparently cat bites are way worse than dog bites & 80-90% get infected. Youch.

Damn it hurts! Poor Spooky was afraid to go near me Sunday & yesterday he was trying tobe al nicey nicey and coming ovcer & putting his little paws on my knee looking for pets. Poor guy, he's just stressed, I'll have to contact Animal Control & see if they can trap Mr. Black Cat who's definitely outstayed his welcome.

several days later - my hand is still extremely swollen & really sore, I'm sure I'll have some interesting scars, it is very tedious trying to type with my left hand. Was no picnic trying to take a photo of my right with my left hand either....

and Spooky's vile nemesis hanging out on our balcony -

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