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White devil rise....

Just received the latest print by Michael Hussar of his painting "White Devil" which, should I ever stop buying stuff long enough to afford some frames (hahahahah!), will look great next to his earlier release of "Daddy's Girl".

I'd spotted one of the White Devil prints on ebay 2 weeks ago & panicked that I might have missed their release but the seller turned out to be Birdbath Publishing selling them directly for Mr. Hussar. I wrote & asked if they could please save me one & Frankie was wonderful & even able to reserve the same # of my Daddy's Girl print so they would have a matched set (both are #23 of 88, a very small edition!). He fedexed it out as soon as he got my paypal & it came in a very cool black presentation folder with a very baroque certificate of authenticity signed by Hussar's sigil in sealing wax & an autographed poster for his last gallery show "Red Red Robin".

His work impresses the hell outta me - I can only describe it as equal parts Dali, Velasquez, Vermeer & Joel Peter Witkin with maybe a touch of Kelly Freas. Absolutely amazing stuff, he is easily one of my very top favorite living artists.

Damn I need to frame that painting that is sitting on my dresser.

Daddy's Girl:
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