Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Dealing the Death Card

Whoo hoo - while cruising ebay tonight I found there's a new ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN album out in Australia called "Dealing the Death Card" - I did a buy-it-now and hopefully will have it soon - seems damn near EVERYBODY has a new album this year!! I knew ZGT were working on one but had no idea it would be out this soon - I just checked their website & apparently it came out in Australia only on the 19th so at least I'm not too far behind! Very hyped to hear this since I just loved their first "Glad Rags & Body Bags" and the first EP "Monster Formal Wear". Looking forward to them coming back to the USA later this year even tho, sniff, Azzy T left to go back to school & they'll have a new drummer (haven't heard who yet). I just love these guys!!!

Saw Pirates Friday night & it was fun - IMHO not quite as good as the first one but a helluva lot better than the second one. My favorite scene was Jack Sparrow's weird delerium vision which I can only attempt to describe as perhaps "Being John Malcovich" directed by Terry Gilliam. But it was still tons of fun & we had a great time :)
Tags: zombie ghost train
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