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pimpin' my boyz

Spent much of last night & this morning working to help out the newly formed Tiger Army street team posting up banners on various websites & message boards & sending invite emails to people registered on my TA message board www.ghosttigers.com/forum - if you are interested in helping out please check out this link!


Also if you have a minute & can vote for them to play a longer set on the Warped tour I'd really appreciate it, especially need some help at the east coast shows I'm hitting!! Normally bands just play a set half hour set at Warped but the winners of this contest for each individual stop will get to play an extra ten minutes. You can only vote once for each show but you can vote for as many different events as you want.

I'll definitely be heading to Virginia Beach (July 24), Merriweather Post -the Washington DC date (July 25) and Philadelphia (August 3rd) & MAYBE New York/Naussau Coliseum (August 4th) & Englishtown NJ (August 5th)...the last few will depend on the money situation.... sigh with gas & hotels as high as they are it is goinn aserious curtail the roadtripping...but if I get really flush & sell some shit I might do something crazy ike Cleveland & Pittsburgh too....

Here's the link -

Thanks for any help!

Psyched for the album release next Tuesday & in 3 weeks I'll be on my way to Las Vegas for the record release - whoo hoo!!!
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