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I swear all my fav bands are releasing stuff at once!

New Zombie Ghost Train out, Tiger Army & Marilyn Manson albums next week, Danzig the week after & now i just found out there is a new Mission (UK) album. OK its a live album but still legit & not a dodgy bootleg & my nice room mate sent me a link to where I can order it for 15 pounds sterling and avoid the fella on ebay who wants $50 for it...


Oh my... I *JUST* checked ebay again & there's also a new studio album -
"God is a Bullet"...damn need that too!

Thinking of the Mish brings back all sorts of warm & fuzzy memories... they were literally the first band I really started roadtripping all over for (as opposed to just running back & forth from Philly to NYC when I lived with my parents) This is one of my early concert pix snapped at Bogart's in Cincinnati back in 1988... I was a happy card varrying member of the Mission World Information Society (one of the better fan clubs I've ever seen I must say) & still am a huge collector of their stuff. My badly out of date fan site is here -

(herr Eldritch where are ya?? Even Carl can crawl out of his coffin & do a show.....)
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