Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

for my listening pleasures!!

Went out last night & picked up the new Tiger Army album at Target (on sale for $7.99 - bargain!!!) - so cool to finally see the CDs in the stores (my vinyls I bought off ebay arrived Friday) and I really dig the packaging :) Also the vinyl I pre-ordered from Smartpunk arrived with a neatly folded promo poster, some stickers & this cool little color promo photo (would be great to get signed)

Also got the new Marilyn Manson "Eat Me Drink Me" (at Best Buy which indluded a code inside for a free download of a "Heart Shaped Glasses" remix)- I swear every time I look at that cover all I can think of is Gary Numan's "Replicas", it looks like the same damn corner & window.

And my Limit Club CD came in the mail from beatnick138 - woot! Now to get a chance to listen to it as everybody I know kept calling me last night & I finally was able to get off the phone & crash!!

So happy to have my computer at home running again - on Memorial Day the power supply on my Alienware DIED big time.... phoned their customer support & they fedex'd one & then had to wait for a technician tocome over & install it and he did a great job and I'm so happy to have it running again! I keep wondering if that hige freaking surge that happened when that car hit the telephone pole & blew the nearby transformer a couple weeks ago hadn't somehow damaged the power supply so last night I bought the mother of all surge protectors - this rechargable battery behemoth about the size of my carry-on luggage that will protect the comp & peripherals from all power surges & provide up to 2 hours of backup power. Now I can relax as thunderstorm season approaches and the promise of more predictable outtages....

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