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Don't touch my squirrel!

So yesterday as I am leaving work & walking thru NIH's campus to the bus stop I spot something large and fuzzy moving near a tree - I get a little closer & there is the biggest damned red tail hawk I've ever seen eating a squirrel - he's so caught up in his banquet I get within about 15 feet of him & he doesn't budge, just gives me a dirty look suggesting that for my own safety I shouldn't come any closer. Meanwhile I kick myself for not having my camera in my backpack.

So this morning I throw the little digicam in my bag "just in case" & as I'm walking up to my building I look over & there he is again, still chowing down. And this time I'm prepared and sneak up on him -

Still amazed I could get so close! He was HUGE, must have been close to two feet from beak to tail tip!

Meanwhile my evil cough returned - last night I barely slept at all, got MAYBE 2 hrs sleep tops and decided I'd just had it so when I got into work this morning I called my Doctor & was able to get an appointment for late morning & left work early - they gave me some wonderful coedine filled cough syrup that pretty much knocked me out & killed the throat pain & I was finally able to get some decent sleep for the first time in almost two weeks.

Reminder to self - next time don't wait so long to call the Dr! (And thanks to Megan/saintangelsin for putting the thought in my head...) Hopefully now that I've been able to break the vicious cycle of not being able to sleep and get the rest to recover it will clear up shortly!
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