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Jareth and his package - about freakin' time!

For about the last (cough, cough) 21 years since its release in 1986 I've been saying that somebody needs to make some Labyrinth toys, especially a nice Jareth!! Now it looks like not one for TWO are coming out - huzzah!!

While perusing Hot Topic's site I found this 7" action Figure just released by NECA/Reel Toys, in their Cult Classics line.

And a 12" doll (below in the frilly shirt) is coming out from a company called Palisades according to this article I found on Figures.com (update: according to Wikipedia this company has since gone under & Mr Frilly Shirt was never produced)

They both need better hairdos but that can always be done with some customizing :)

I wonder what other "Cult Classics" they'll do.... it would be cool if they did Cult movies that weren't just horror as there are already tons of figures from horror movies... I'd really love to see Buckaroo Banzai and his friends Perfect Tommy & New Jersey vs. the evil Lectroids Dr Lizardo and John Bigbooty. Or Divine, Edie the Egg Lady and Raymond and Connie Marble. Or some cult figures that have been done before as really shitty looking toys that even I passed on like the cast of Rocky Horror and Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China. Or an affordable Phantom of the Paradise since I never have the $$$ when I see the expensive (but super nice) Medicom doll on ebay....

Hmm found lots of ones they've done already that are from more recent moves -Frank from Donnie Darko, Bubba Ho Tep & the King & the cast of Reservoir Dogs. Plus they made the recent Grindhouse toys... I'd just love to see some of the older flicks get their shot at cool figures.

Damn the toys they make these days are so much better than when I was a kid! No wonder I'm always broke.

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