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Went down to Jinxproof yesterday & spent from 4 pm to 10 pm on the latest tattoo - Susan designed it to my specs with the Tiger Army "tigerbat" creature surrounded by an armband of 13 thorny black roses. (Inspired from listening to the songs "Last Night" and "Rose of the Devil's Garden" a few too many times on my part!) As always she did an amazing job but oooooh am I sore this morning! Not much sleep either as I woke up at 4 AM with my arm throbbing & ultimately just got up & made breakfast rather than lie there awake. How I suffer for my art ; )

Susan also gave me a list of cool toy and antique shops to check out next week in Austin as well as recommended some good restaurants since she used to live in Houston and go to Austin all the time for weekend getaways. I'm nervous about traveling alone but looking forward to the shows. It should be entertaining to see Nick's reaction to the new tattoo, when he saw the werecat sleeve barely started (just outline) I thought his jaw was gonna hit the floor and then he broke into the biggest smile I've ever seen on a human being. This could be better : )

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