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Finally feeling better....

Super knock out cough syrup is certainly helping and I'm feeling much better after two nights of decent sleep = )

Looking forward to tonight as I'll be heading down to the 9:30 club to catch Chris Isaak, I've loved his stuff for many years (what an amazing voice, sigh!) and have never had a chance to see him perform before so I'm definitely very psyched, sure hope that he does "Wicked Game" as it is easily in my top five favorite songs of all time. (Speaking of, just picked up the DVD of "Wild at Heart" that FINALLY came out - man, talk about long overdue releases!!)

Busy sending out my annual "Merry Xmas/Yule/Saturnalia or winter solstice holiday of your choice" card, its really sinking in how many people I've met in my travels this year which is a good thing. Wish I had ALL their addresses, I ended up in a few spots sending some to one person to distribute to some others (bandmates). Still kinda amazed at how many places I've managed to hit this year, I made Judy promise to hit me if I ever try and say "my life is boring and I don't go anywhere". And still more to come - leaving next Thursday after work to head up to NJ to spend Xmas with Marianne and Seth which will be great, haven't seen them since October and poor Marianne wasn't feeling well then so Judy and kidnapped Seth for a few days and dragged him off to see Social D & Tiger Army : )

Strange find of the day....while I'm working on Christmas cards... I'm going thru my addy book looking at names as I have like a zillion addresses of people I've met over the years that I barely remember... I hit one..... "Geoff Rickley" - note beside the name says "Manson fan from TLA"..he's from Dumont, NJ....my mind goes "wait a minute, isn't that the name of the singer from Thursday? Aren't they from NJ? I do a web search & sure enough the singer from Thursday is from Dumont, NJ and I pull up some pix and say wait, yeah that is the kid I was talking to in line once.... LOL I think I met him back in February of '95 before he was in a band - isn't that too funny!!! This is almost as good as the time I went through some ancient emails and found one from Geoff Kresge writing and asking me about my Misfits colored vinyl from years before I ever heard of him! (When I told Geoff about it he even remembered!)
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