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Tiger Army hits the cover of the Washington Post!

Well almost - it was "The Express", the free mini paper published by the Washington Post that they hand out to commuters every day - there are about a half dozen people at every metro stop passing them out & just about everybody on the train reads it. (It's The Post's attempt to reach out to a younger & somewhat hipper audience & try and get them in the habit of reading newspapers lest their old customers die off)

So imagine my surprize when I bleerily stumbled into Shady Grove station yesterday morning (I am SO not a morning person am operating completely on autopilot at that hour) and spotted a familiar face on the cover! It made my day, glad to see them getting coverage in bigger media! There's a good chance the review will appear in the Post proper in the next few days as the ones first published in the Express normally do.

At this time the day after tomorrow I'll be on my way to Las Vegas for their record release show, so looking forward to that & hoping to get some great photos!! :) Still lots to pack & laundry to do but I'm at least slightly more organized than usual at this point, sheesh I haven't been anywhere since the beginning of April. Summer will be busy tho, with 3 Morrissey shows & a bunch of Warped stops to go! :)

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