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And the fire still burns - Tiger Army Record Release show

What a fantastic show - very hyped up crowd, mostly folks from SoCal who'd driven out to party in Vegas for the weekend in a totally sold out show, openers were the Dear and Departed & I had seen them a year or so ago opening for AFI at the Henry Fonda but they were 10 times better this time around! Picked up their CD & am looking foward to seeing them at Warped.

Tiger Army were of course, amazing... played some new stuff (Signal returns, Afterworld, Forever Fades Away, LunaTone, Pain and How the Moss Slowly Grows), a LOTTA old stuff back to "Jungle Cat", but only one song off Ghost Tigers Rise tho (Rose of the Devils Garden), but it was great to hear old favs like "Power of Moonlite" and "When the Night Comes Down" I haven't heard in a while.

Donny from Social D's crew joined in on steel guitar (hardly a guest appearance as he's practically the 4th Tiger by now!) so we got THREE country style songs - Outlaw Heart, In the Orchard and Where the Moss Slowly grows, which Nick introduced as the most emotional & personal song for him on the new album, dedicated to his childhood friend Ben Wilson who took his own life last summer, VERY VERY hauntingly beautiful live

and TWO encores!

Brilliant show, got some pix, not too many good ones this time around sadly as I could only take them for the first 3 songs & security were giving me shit for being behind the barriers & wanted to stop me but at least I got a few I'll post on the ghosttigers.com web site as soon as I get home

BTW Jeff has a beautuful new bass - looks like a custom blue King Doublebass Tiger King to me with a really pretty striping pattern in the woodgrain - SWEET!!! Nick had a guitar I'd never seen before - a natural wood finish one for "How the Moss Slowly Grows" & a few others

Pix on my website -


setlist (they also played "True Romance" towards the end)

free poster given out -

New shirt designs -

my buddies Adam & Louis in a major texting frenzy

fellow I met after the show with an AMAZING Tiger Army sleeve!

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