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I broke down .....

....and ordered my dream camera/lens combo.... the (way heavily used) D70 has developed a sensor problem resulting in a (small but noticeable when you are aware & looking for it) red spot in every frame... you totally miss it in nice colorful scenes or landscapes but I see it in every concert pic against a dark background (most of 'em) & don't want to photoshop out of every frame when I shoot hundreds in a day so it will live with Jree who's been jonesing for an SLR since the death of her old 35mm Pentax and coming soon will be a nice new Nikon D200 with their (in the words of Ken Rockwell) "life changing" 18-200mm VR zoom.

It should be here Tuesday...LOL no doubt it will come while I'm up in Baltimore in line to see Moz, but I will have it in plenty of time for Warped where it will be very much appreciated, especially with those nice 4 gig CF cards I just picked up :)

Lets hear it for no-interest until December of 2008! I figure that should be do-able as I got the computer paid off within 6 months...
Tags: camera fu, liz toys, nikon
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