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"What a wicked thing to do...

...To let me dream of you"

Just got back from the 9:30 club from seeing Chris Isaak - what a fantastic show! He's doing a mini tour to promote his new Christmas album so there were the requisite holiday numbers including a rockabilly styled "Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer" but also old favorites like "Wicked Game", "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" and an amazing cover of Roy Orbison's "Only the Lonely". OK I admit it, I can't stand Xmas songs but with him, hell, I'd prolly pay $50 to hear him sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

He came out wearing a horribly tacky green suit covered in large silver stars & rhinestones that few could pull off but he managed to, and i had no idea he was so damn funny (having never seen his TV show since I don't get HBO so only knowing his work from albums & movie appearances) Really glad I finally got a chance to see him after being a fan of his music for many years, I think next time I wouldn't dare miss him!

And while down there I picked up some tickets to see John Waters on Tuesday - not exactly what he's doing - I think its supposed to be a stand up comedy type routine (I can't quite picture him singing, or maybe I don't really want to?) Guess I'll find out!

I got the most absolutely amazing early Christmas present today in the mail - from my friend Sarah (tenshigaka) who is an amazing artist who has delighted the AFI/DF boards for a while now with her amazing pencil drawings. I opened the mailer to find the original of her lovely portrait of Nick 13 she'd posted on the web a few months ago based on one of my photos from the Cleveland Warped show.


I'm utterly blown away - thank you Sarah!!! (Needless to say it will be displayed on my new-website-in-the-works with Sarah's permission!) - sneak preview here
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