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Something Quite Peculiar.....

I've gotten way fond of The Dear & Departed recently. I saw them first opening for AFI at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood at the end of April 2006 and more recently opening for Tiger Army at their Las Vegas record release show - I enjoyed them the first time but was considerably more impressed the 2nd time as they'd improved a lot in a year. I highly recommend their debut album "Something Quite Peculiar" on Science Records for thos eyou you who like poppy tunes somewhat like the last AFI album (not really a good comparison but trying to give an idea of what they sound like, they have a definite 80s pop influence, they do a cover of the Chuirch's "Under the Milky Way" on there that is right at home.

I'd hoped they'd be doing the whole Warped tour but it turned out not to be as it conflicted with other dates they booked but at least I was able to catch them at the Virginia Beach & Merriweather shows & got some good photos - I posted up a bunch on my website here:


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