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and coming up....

It's gonna be another busy week :) So much that I'm even skipping the Social D show in Baltimore at the Ram's Head (well that and I don't have unlimited fundage!) Taking some vacation time & driving up Thursday to New Jersey where I'll see my favorite boys from Australia, Zombie Ghost Train back at Asbury Lanes where I last saw them in December 2006. Then Friday will be the Warped show at Philadelphia (well actually the Tweeter Center in Camden), Saturday the one at Nassau Colliseum on Long Island and Sunday at the racetrack in Englishtown, NJ - I know I am nuts hitting 3 in a row but hey I did it in 2004 :)

And the cool thing about those 3 Warpeds is that Alkaline Trio will also be on the bill and I'm looking forward to seeing them again! Then I'll attempt to drive home from NJ after the sunday show so I can make work on Monday (I am SO not looking forward to that!) and Tuesday night I'll head to Pittsburg for my 6th & last Warped show.
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