Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Zombies return!

I am slowly working thru the hundreds of photos I've taken in the last week but will be interrupted again as I'm driving to Pittsburgh tonight for my 6th (and last, sniff!) Warped tour show this year.

Meanwhile I've uploaded all the pix of ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN - wee!!!

Last Thursday I drove up to Asbury Park NJ to catch them at Asbury Lanes, a delightful completely vintage/retro bowling alley where I'd seen them last year. I got there early & found them seting up the merch & got big hugs from Stu & Aaron (Captain Reckless) who introduced me to their new drummer Jared who joined just 2 weeks before they started their world tour - talk about trial by fire! Brought them lots of home made cookies & some prints of the pix I'd shot last time I saw them, great to see my favorite boys from down under again!!

Of course took a zillion pix, tons more pix on my website here:

Tags: asbury lanes, captain reckless, concert photos, concert pix, jm, stu arkoff, zombie ghost train
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