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and the next night in Brooklyn....

From the Asbury Park ZGT show I drove back to my hotel in My Laurel NJ (near Camden) and got about 4 hours sleep, then woke up & headed off to the Warped show at the Tweeter Center, got some great photos of Tiger Army, The Unseen, The Gallows & Alkaline Trio...then left after Trio played and drove up north to stay in Woodbridge NJ for the next 2 nights, THEN headed off to Brooklyn to catch ZGT again at Hanks Saloon which has gotta be the tinyest bar I've ever been in, the whole place is about the size of my living room! Nate from 12 Step's new band Dead Man's Run was also supposed to be playing but I saw no sign of them, maybe they had van trouble again, they were supposed to have played in Baltimore a few weeks ago & had to cancel :(

Caught the Memphis Morticians & Tombstone Brawler's first, then the Zombies. Stu was happily waving around the first American copy he'd seen of their latest "Dealing the Deathcard" (out today in the USA - August 7th) Had a BLAST!

tons more pix also on my website -

Can't wait to see them again in a week & a half, flying down to San Antonio as they are playing a show with my buddies 12 Step Rebels so that was too much to resist :)

opening were the Memphis Morticians

and the Tombstone Brawlers

Then Zombies were up

Stu with the singer of the Memphis Morticians

Showing off the first USA copy of "Dealing the Death Card"

handsome Stu before he put on his Zombie makeup -

and with my friends little chihuahua

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