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Viddy well my friends....

Tomorrow is Horrorfind and their special guest this year is Malcolm McDowell...a/k/a Mr Linderman on "Heroes", Natassia Kinski's shapeshifting bro in "Cat People" and Aleck from Clockwork Orange. There are very few folks I'd pay for autographs from but he's definitely way near the top of the list & it should be a good con!

And coming up in two weeks in NJ is Monster Mania - one of their guests is Danny Trejo - my friend Chris (who has probably seen Grindhouse more times than may be healthy) is itching to get him to sign something with "you fucked with the wrong Mexican!"

Sigh...so much to do, never enough money or time to sleep. Tonight there's a free John Waters film festival going on in a park in Baltimore but I am just too damn tired to even try for that. The folks running it nicely posted a webpage of addresses of many of his film locations so instead I'll aim for a self-guided tour soon.
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